Clean water is a right.

Maintain the water in your system with real-time data and actionable insights about Water Health™.
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5 million blindspots exist in water systems throughout the United States.

Blindspots are areas that offer limited to no information about the status of your water and leave you dealing with potential health risks and contaminations.

Varuna founders, Seyi and Jamail, started the company to help fight for cleaner water.

Clean water for all is possible.

Are you struggling with…


being in the dark between inspections?

Are you relying on manual and error-prone data collection processes?

not optimally allocating resources?

Are you operating in a constant state of fire-fighting with no real direction?


being behind on contamination complaints?

Are you feeling embarrassed that your customers know about a problem before you do?

Empower your team with innovative technology that’s on your side.

Introducing the Beacon

See your entire system at a glance through an easily deployable network of sensors and an intuitive dashboard so you can take care of your community in an unparalleled way.


Make confident infrastructure decisions

Track trends by monitoring your chlorine, temperature, turbidity, and pH levels to better plan for the future.

Keep your personnel safe

Remote monitoring gives you peace of mind 24/7 without worry of hazardous locations or inclimate weather.


Proactively reduce contaminations

Real-time data and insights alert when there’s a problem and advise you on how and when to fix it.

Varuna Dashboard Desktop View

What is Water Health™?

Varuna monitors four key parameters to establish a system’s Water Health: Residual Chlorine, Temperature, Turbidity, and pH.

Varuna Chlorine


Varuna Temperature Icon


Varuna Turbidity


Varuna pH


Better data means better decisions.

Take it from Varuna customers

"Varuna gives us peace of mind that the water is safe for all the residents in the region."

Sean Benton

Water Systems Manager, Monroe Water System

"Our techs don't have to make an hour round-trip drive anymore just to collect data."

Damen Ratliff

Assistant Director of Utilities, City of Amarillo

Trusted by water systems across the country.

Easy 3-Step Installation

Varuna Beacon Node

Step 1: Install

Easily self install sensors at selected locations across your system

Varuna Dashboard Mobile & Tablet

Step 2: Access

Access your Varuna Dashboard from any device to gain visibility

Varuna Beacon Overview

Step 3: Manage

Manage and predict issues to ensure efficient delivery of clean water always

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Varuna Blog

When we know better, we do better.

The problem with data silos in water utilities and how Varuna solves it

The problem with data silos in water utilities and how Varuna solves it

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Climate Change Is Worsening Our Water Quality.

Climate Change Is Worsening Our Water Quality.

Even as carbon mitigation actions gain steam, water continues to be ignored in our climate change mitigation. While we experience climate change impacts through water - floods, droughts - the conversation never covers the impact on water quality. I won’t bury the lede here, there is a direct link...

Why On-Premise Solutions No Longer Make Sense For Water Systems

Why On-Premise Solutions No Longer Make Sense For Water Systems

In earlier days of software technology deployment to water utilities, vendors pushed for on-premise storage of data and technological tools (even software). Servers were deployed to give the engineers at the water utility a sense that their data was ‘secure’ and available at all times. The water...