Frequently Asked Questions About Varuna SCADA+

Jul 26, 2023

Last month we shared our launch of Varuna’s system dashboard that allows current SCADA users at water systems to visualize and analyze their SCADA data live within our dashboards. We got a few questions and decided to address the top questions

  1. Integration with Existing SCADA Systems: Many customers and prospects expressed the need for Varuna to seamlessly integrate with their existing SCADA systems. These prospects were/are concerned about the compatibility of the equipment and the ability to access data from their main SCADA system, not just a separate control room or cloud-based solution.
  2. Subscription-based Model and Long-term Support: Some customers and prospects asked about the subscription-based pricing model. They worry about being “on the hook” for ongoing costs and potential uncertainty if Varuna SCADA+ is discontinued or sold to another company. Additionally, they seek assurance of long-term support and maintenance for the equipment and data.
  3. Data Ownership and Security: Several prospects expressed concern about data ownership and security. They suggested they would prefer to keep the data within their own SCADA systems, as they are familiar with its capabilities and have control over its maintenance. They are wary of cloud-based solutions and want to ensure that data from us remains secure and private.

Our responses to these concerns are below

  1. SCADA+ Integration: Varuna is compatible with a wide range of SCADA systems commonly used by our customers and prospects. Varuna SCADA+ communicates with 4-20mA or with MODBUS protocol using RS232 and/or RS485. We cal also provide APIs with utilities that already have these capabilities internally.
  2. Pricing Models: we offer flexible pricing options to cater to different customer preferences. This include options for annual billing instead of monthly, or even one-time purchase options for specific features. This gives you more control over costs and remove concerns about long-term commitments.
  3. On-Premise Data Option: We allow customers to store and access their data locally while still utilizing our tools through their on-prem databases. Additionally, robust data encryption and authentication measures -with FedRAMP certification through Google, has been implemented to ensure data security and privacy.

Varuna is here and will continue to support our customers to enable them deliver clean water consistently. It’s our mission.