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Cast a digital net across your entire distribution system.

Cast a digital net across your entire distribution system.

Varuna provides a single source of truth for your system so you can improve your operations and the lives of your customers.

Varuna Dashboard Desktop View

System Dashboard

Improve daily operations and get ahead of contaminations and customer complaints by gaining visibility into three operational silos in your water distribution system:



Track historical and real-time stats of your Water Health™


Pump Operations

Optimize pump behavior and energy usage by seeing calculations, scenarios, predictions, and visualizations



Gain an understanding of pressure management and possible issues such as pressure loss, pressure spikes, etc.

Resilience Dashboard

Identify the gaps in your operations so you know where to focus your strategic and capital improvement efforts and spending.


Internal Risks

Identify aging assets, data security gaps, and increasing work order requests


External Risks

Stay informed on changes in land use, population, and rainfall severity


System Risks

Track source water availability, climate, and health outbreaks

Varuna Dashboard Desktop View

Better data means better decisions.

Take it from Varuna customers

"Varuna gives us peace of mind that the water is safe for all the residents in the region."

Sean Benton

Water Systems Manager, Monroe Water System

"Our techs don't have to make an hour round-trip drive anymore just to collect data."

Damen Ratliff

Assistant Director of Utilities, City of Amarillo

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