Water In The World 05/03/23

May 3, 2023

Top 7 weekly updates on water, infrastructure and technology.

  1. Europe’s Next Issue: Water. And it’s all about our poor resource management approaches.
  2. Managing Water Risk is the next big business opportunity and The Industrial Emissions Directive (EU) should aid that
  3. Water Is a Wicked Problem, some ideas on how we can go about tackling it.
  4. (Texas) Water Infrastructure Is Broken. This situation is dire and how we keep ignoring it is mind-blowing.
  5. 6 boil water notices/day in Texas (reported) and increasing. The issue is figuring what and who to fund to repair the issues. This cannot go on without more catastrophe.
  6. EV’s are causing an environmental problem, unsustainable materials extraction, but a company is looking to recycle at scale to solve it.
  7. Public Service digitization is critical. Let’s start with Water.